bretman rock

The Hawaii-based Filipino internet sensation Bretman Rock has never failed to amaze us with his out of this world makeup skills, but what separates him from the rest is his innate use of NSFW words and for having a sharp, cutting sense of humor. With 9.8M followers on Instagram and 3.2M followers on Youtube, Bretman Rock is definitely killing the game!

For this post, we’ll give 11 reasons why people labeled him as the Queen of Sass and the Mother of Highlighters.


1.When he took a pic of his Coachella outfit looking hella fine or whateva 

I’m bored someone hit me up lol

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2.When he called in sick but still cute AF!

Me coughing 🤮 #imsick #calledingaytowork Follow @bretmansvanity 🌈

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3. Basking in the sun, being juicy and a ZADDY to the fullest


4. Does anyone ever thought of going to club in his Nike Tank Top? 


5. Casually lying on the beach, looking like a legit merman


6. and here’s a rare photo of a snack eating some snack ;)


7. Has anyone ever looked this EXTRA when taking his dog out for a walk?





9. That moment when he shookt us on how much of a ZADDY he is 

cute wittle cry baby 🌹 crop top and pants from @fashionnova 🍼 #ad

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10. SLAY SISTAH FOREVA. Nikita and Bretman transformation had me dyinggg


11. Queen B teaching us that being cute is a lifestyle


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