trasher bangkok


I was looking for an article to read on Buzzfeed when I accidentally saw a post about this group in Thailand who makes a parody of Hollywood music videos. It was hella funny that I instantly fell in love with Trasher Bangkok.

Trasher is a group of party enthusiasts who host different events in Bangkok. They are very well known for their fresh and exuberant parties where you can expect a great fun night filled with 90’s and trendy pop to guilty pleasure music. But they don’t just organize parties okay? Trasher Bangkok has getting so much buzz on the web because of the parody videos they made. So famous that some of the Hollywood celebrities have shared it on their social media accounts.

With 115K subscribers, it goes to show that people are loving their videos that have Thai humor but are universally entertaining.



Visit their Youtube account at and tell us your favorite parody videos from them. :)

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