We all know that music helps to spark emotion or set a mood. There are also some studies that have shown that minds are way more productive while we are listening to music.  Sooo… are you one of those people who like to do it while working or even when playing online games?

For me, I like listening to songs while I’m grinding.  When I’m playing baccarat or slot games at Happyluke, I usually listen to hiphop or rap tracks. Listening to a killer tune (like drake or Kendrick) makes me really hype and forget a little bit about the things that are out of my control and just focus on the game. There are also some people who like to listen to Jazz or Classic music since it helps them to relieve the stress while playing.


I asked my friends on  Twitter and Instagram what songs they usually listen to while playing online casino games and 70% of them are listening to classic songs. Like:


–   Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara



–  The Winner Takes It All by ABBA


–  Blackjack by Ray Charles


–  The Gambler by Kenny Rogers


How about you? What music puts you in the zone to play your best game?  Let us know on the comment section. 😊

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