Summer is about to end and everyone is either having fun on their vacation or they’re just trying to chill at home till the summer is over.  If you prefer to do the latter and you don’t have anything to do, then why don’t you just stay on your couch and watch movies all day?


For this upcoming  weekend, we’ll give you 4 movies about casino and gambling that you can absolutely bet on. So, stock up your popcorns and chill those drinks and let’s welcome shameless binge-watching sessions with our family and friends.


If you want an enjoyable movie about 3 college kids vs. the mob and wonder who’s going to win at the end then Bookies is perfect for you.

It all started when Toby and his friends started bookmaking and the trouble they have experienced when the mob found out about  their business.  The story is really fun, the characters are witty and I strongly recommend that this is a must-watch movie for every guy. Nothing spectacular but it is still a good way to spend an hour and a half.


If you think Mark Wahlberg is your spirit animal then check out The Gambler


Do you go to casino or just play online casino games? Then, this movie is just right for you. The Gambler may not be as good compare to the original film but for me this movie is very refreshing. If you consider yourself as a risk-taker or a high-stakes gambler you can totally relate on Mark Wahlberg’s character in the movie.


Diamonds are forever and so is the best James Bond movie; Casino Royale

What’s not to like about Casino Royale? The story has a great twist and turn, its gritty and slick, the villains are extremely sinister. It’s cool yet so classic. So bold yet sooo…  Bond.  For the first time, Daniel Craig has turned James Bond as an actual human.


Lucky you is on the spot for professional poker players who can’t decide if they’ll choose gambling or love

 Lines are a bit cheesy but I always love movies that have to do with cards! Plus, Eric Bana played a very believable character as a poker player.

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