There are tons of beauty products being launched this year, giving us new shades, new formulations with cute packaging designs and whatnot. It’s good that we have lots of options to choose from but sometimes it’s hard to tell the ones that are worth the money and which ones are just being hyped. For this post, we picked 5 makeup products and listed  why  every bad boujee is currently digging them.


Glossier Lidstar

1. Glossier Lidstar

  • There are six colors to choose from- Moon, Lily, Slip, Cub, Herb and Fawn
  • Perfect for that effortless-cool-girl look
  • You can blend 2 swatches that will make your lids pop and sparkle
  • Last all day long



Ultralight Beams Collection KKW Beauty

2. Ultralight Beams Collection KKW Beauty

  • It’s a collection of five metallic shades – Iridescent, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Copper, and Bronze
  • The glosses are shimmery and thick but it’s not sticky and heavy
  • You can use it on your lips, as a highlighter or even apply it on your lids
  • You can also mix the colors to create your own shade



Glossier Cloud Paint

3. Glossier Cloud Paint

  • There are four colors to choose from – Puff, Beam, Haze and Dusk
  • A game changer. The colors seem intense when you first squeeze them out but as soon as you start blending it, it will give you a natural gorgeous flush and you can easily build up the intensity
  •  You can just dab it on your cheeks whenever and wherever you please
  • The lasting power is great; even if the weather is hot or your face is getting sweaty the glossier cloud paint will last without fading





Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask

4. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

  • Its great for sensitive skin and will make your face super soft over night
  • This sleeping mask makes you feel hydrated, radiant and it smells really good
  • Acne be gone. Watermelon glow sleeping mask will help lessen your breakouts and acne scars




babe in paradise morphe highlighter

5.  Morphe Babe in Paradise Highlighter

  • The palette consists of 6 shades (Behbeh Girl, Vaygaytion, Mahu, Get Lei’d, Cheehoo, and Shady Bitch) which is great for all skin tones
  • You will definitely look way extraaaaa because this palette is so pigmented
  • The formula is creamy and blinding and you can use it in many ways- you can put in on your lids and as body highlighter
  • The highlighters are perfect for summer glow make up look

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