There are many exciting things to do and see in Chiang Mai. You can do a bit of temple hopping, visit the national park, go on a night shopping spree, indulge on a cooking class, play and bathe with the elephants and a whole lot more. When you have so many places to explore around the city sometimes it can get a bit tiring that you just need to take a break between those activities. For this post, we’re giving you our selection of  unparalleled cafes to get some grub and recharge your energy.

Camp Meating

I’m a creature of habit and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of going here in Camp Meating! Their food and beverage collection is superb, the staffs are all friendly and accommodating and this place is aesthetically pleasing because of its rustic design.


Clay Studio Cafe in the Garden

I  love Thai culture and Clay Garden has that vibe where it’ll take you to ancient ruins.  It has a beautiful and compelling garden setting – lush, with interesting statues and wall features. The variety of the coffee is fabulous and it will surely start your day with a great boost.

Woo Cafe & Art Gallery

I highly recommend this cafe.  With all the floral arrangements integrated into the decor of the space you will definitely feel like you’re being transported into a tropical wonderland.  All of their food is amazing, from appetizers all the way through dessert.

Giant Tree House

The Giant Tree House is perfect if you want to escape the city madness and experience nature at its best. The food selection maybe limited, but it does the trick if you’re looking for a quick fix.